Color pumps

Maguire has been serving liquid color users since 1977

  • Peristaltic Color Pump Model MPA
    The patented Maguire peristaltic pumps are designed to meter precise amounts of liquid color very accurately into the main flow of natural material directly above the throat of your process machine. Metering is accomplished by the compression and release of a flexible pumping tube by six hardened dowel pins that rotate within a CelconÒ housing.
  • Progressive Cavity Drum Pump Model MDA
    The Progressive Cavity Drum Pump meters liquid color by positive displacement. The pump consists of a single helix steel screw (rotor), rotating within a double helix hollow stator. The rotation of the rotor within the fixed stator draws liquid into one end and out the other. The double helix stator delivers a smooth non-pulsating pumping action.
  • PM Pre-Mixers Model MPM
    Series MPM Pre-Mixers automatically and continuously provide thorough mixing of resin, regrind and additives as they enter the throat of the process machine. These mixers are designed to mount directly to the feed throat of the process machine with hopper and hopper loader mounted directly above.
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